How to apply for Egyptian Visa in the United States?

  1. Complete and sign (2) copies of the Visa Application form
  2. You will need to prepare 2 recent personal photos on white background , sized 2x 2
  3. Your US passport must be valid for six month with one blank visa page.
  4. Make 2 copies of the information pages of your US passport.
  5. The holders of Non-American passports will need to provide (2) copies of “Green Card or US Visa” and (2) copies of “itinerary or round-trip ticket”.
  6. If you are applying for Business Visa, please provide 2 copies of company letter containing the purpose of your trip and financial guarantee of the company.

Prepare a package that contains the previously mentioned documents, along with a prepaid return airway ticket (FedEx- USPS- UPS), your payment( Cashier's Check) and mail the package to Egypt embassy or one of its consulates that follows your State of jurisdiction as the below table shows:-

Delaware- Florida- Georgia- Maryland- N. Carolina- S. Carolina- Virginia- Washington DC- West Virginia. Egyptian Embassy Washington DC
3521 International Court, N. W.
Washington, D. C. 20008
T: (202) 966-6342
Alabama- Arkansas- Colorado- Kansas- Louisiana- Mississippi- Missouri- New Mexico- Oklahoma- Tennessee and Texas. Egyptian Consulate- Houston
5718 Westheimer, Suite # 1350
Houston, TX 77057
T: (713) 961-4915
Alaska- Arizona- California- Idaho- Hawaii- Montana- Nevada- Oregon- Washington- Wyoming and Utah. Egyptian Consulate – Los Angeles
4929 Wilshire Blvd, Suite # 300
Los Angeles, CA 90010
T: (323) 933-9700
Connecticut- Maine- Massachusetts – New Hampshire-New Jersey- Ohio- Pennsylvania- Puerto Rico – Rhode Island -Vermont and New York. Egyptian Consulate – New York
1110 Second Avenue
New York, NY. 10022
T: (212) 759-7120

If you are holding any of the following nationalities, you will need to obtain Pre Approval prior to the Consulate granting a visa:

Eritrea Philippines Kosovo Israel
Ethiopia Lebanon Libya Laos
Burundi Morocco Pakistan Malaysia
Rwanda Mauritania Moldova Maldives
Liberia Nigeria Syria Mongolia
Ghana Tunis Turkey Nepal
Sierra Leone Bosnia Bangladesh Sri Lanka
Mali Congo Bhutan Vietnam
Niger China Myanmar Yemen
Chad Somalia Cambodia North Korea
Afghanistan Algeria China
Iraq Cyprus Indonesia
Palestine Sudan Iran

The normal processing time for Visa Applications is 10 Business Days , so please plan accordingly. Shows the Visa fees for most nationalities