Request for Retrieval of Egyptian Citizenship

A person who has lost Egyptian nationality may, within one year from the date of losing it, apply for a return of nationality. The children who lost it before reaching the age of majority may decide upon their age to choose Egyptian nationality. The response shall be issued within one month from the date of submission of the application. The effect of the decision shall also apply to the minor children.

How to request Retrieval of Egyptian Citizenship?

The application for retrieval of Egyptian nationality must be signed by the person concerned in front of the competent authority.

  • The documents proving that the applicant has obtained foreign citizenship must be submitted.
  • Submit with the application the Egyptian birth certificate of the applicant and the birth certificate of his father if not previously provided.
  • The wife who has lost her nationality following the loss of her husband must submit a separate application if she wishes to return the Egyptian nationality to her and, in her application, take the same procedures as the husband’s request.

Processing time is about 6 weeks. The consulate shall review the submitted documents and then send them to the Passports, Immigration and Nationality Authority in Egypt. The citizen shall follow up with the consular section to obtain the reply.