Egypt Consular Services

US Arab Chamber of Commerce, the leading legalization services provider in the United States, specifies this website “Egypt Embassy” to asssist U.S. corporations that want to do business in Egypt.

Our services include complete legalization service for Egypt, Arabic translation, Egyptian visa requirements and passport renewal. USACC collaborates with Arab American Chamber of Commerce to stay up to date with the latest export regulations and customs requirements to enhance the bilateral trade relation between Egypt and the United States.

Explore our Service for Egypt

1. Expedited Document Certification for Egypt

We offer expedited document legalization services for all types of documents issued in the United States and destined for use in Egypt. Here are the services that we can provide:

  • Commercial Export Document Legalization

    It only includes Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice.

  • Federal Document Legalization

    Examples: Certificate to Foreign Government, Certificate of Exportability, Free sale Certificate issued by FDA, Certificate of Pharmaceutical products. COPP - Foreign Manufacturer

  • Documents certified by local Secretary of State

    Documents certified by local Secretary of State office in all 50 states. Examples: POA, Affidavit, Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Formation, Articles, Agreements, Contracts, Amendments...etc.

2. US Arab Chamber of Commerce services

A complete economic study about Egypt Export statistics during the past few years and the top importing commodities. The Chamber also provides the stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce.

3. Arabic Translation Service

English- Arabic Translation and Vise Versa. Translated document attestation and notarization service.

US Arab Chamber of Commerce has been providing expedited document certification and legalization services for more than 30 years. Long experience dealing with governmental departments in the United States has enabled us to provide our customers with professional service and rush processing times with the best available price in the United States. "Egypt Embassy" is not the official diplomatic representation of Egypt in the United States of America. We help US corporations authenticating their document for use in Egypt.