Dual Citizenship Approval

Nationality is a political and legal link that binds the individual to the county that obliges its holder to become a member of its people, commit loyalty to it, in exchange for its commitment to protect him/ her at home and abroad. The Egyptian law allows Egyptian citizens to naturalize a foreign nationality while retaining the Egyptian citizenship after obtaining the permission of the Minister of the Interior.

When permission is granted, it doesn’t include non-minor children or wives. However,
minor children (up to 18 years old) are included, but each must submit a separate application.
The Egyptian law also allows citizens who are authorized to naturalize a foreign nationality while retaining the Egyptian nationality with the exception of performing military service in Egypt.

How to request a Dual Citizenship Approval?

The citizen shall submit to the Consular Section the completed form (Contact the embassy to obtain the form) with the following documents:

  • A copy of the Egyptian birth certificate.
  • A photocopy of the Egyptian birth certificate of the father of the person concerned or of one of the uncles or aunts (in order to prove that the grandfather is Egyptian).
  • A copy of the information pages of the Egyptian passport- It must be valid.
  • A copy of the Egyptian identity card.
  • A copy of the information pages of the foreign passport (must be valid).
  • A copy of Naturalization certificate of foreign nationality (if any).
  • The husband’s consent to the wife to naturalization of foreign nationality (if the request is for the wife).
  • 4 Personal Photos.

The typical processing time for Dual Citizenship Approval is 6 Weeks. The consulate shall review the submitted documents and then send them to the Passports, Immigration and Nationality Authority in Egypt. The citizen shall follow up the consular section for updates.