Permit for Foreign Citizenship

Nationality is a political and legal link that binds the individual to the county that obliges its holder to become a member of its people, commit loyalty to it, in exchange for its commitment to protect him/ her at home and abroad. The Egyptian law allows Egyptian citizens to naturalize a foreign nationality while retaining or not retaining the Egyptian citizenship after obtaining the permission of the Minister of the Interior.

In the case a citizen requests not to retain the Egyptian nationality, he shall be deemed the loss of nationality starting from the date of the ministerial confirmation or from the date of acquiring the foreign nationality whichever is further.

Please be noted that:

  • A citizen may apply for the retention of the Egyptian nationality within one year of the date of the loss of Egyptian nationality, and he shall be treated in this case as a dual nationality.
  • The loss of the Egyptian nationality of an Egyptian citizen after granting permission to acquire foreign citizenship shall not result in the loss of the Egyptian naturalization of his wife unless she decides to desire it.
  • Nationality shall be removed from minor children (up to 18 years) if by virtue of the change of nationality of their father they enter into their new nationality.
  • Children may decide to retain the Egyptian nationality during the year after reaching the age of majority.
  • The acceptance of the application of permit for foreign citizenship does not means that it is approved, unless after receiving the approval of the Ministry of the Interior.

How does an Egyptian citizen living abroad obtain the Egyptian authorities approval to acquire a foreign nationality while not retaining the Egyptian nationality

The applicant should complete form-12 (Request for obtaining citizenship) carefully and submit it along with the following documents to the consular section:

  • A copy of the Egyptian birth certificate.
  • A photocopy of the Egyptian birth certificate of the father of the person concerned or of one of the uncles or aunts (in order to prove that the grandfather is Egyptian).
  • A copy of the information pages of the Egyptian passport- It must be valid.
  • A copy of the Egyptian identity card.
  • A copy of the information pages of the foreign passport (must be valid).
  • A copy of Naturalization certificate of foreign nationality (if any).
  • The husband’s consent to the wife to naturalization of foreign nationality (if the request is for the wife).
  • 4 Personal Photos.