Export Document Legalization for Egypt

This includes only Certificate of Origin C/O - and Commercial Invoice C/I. Before you can request our services, your document must be: an orignian certificate, signed by a company agent (blue ink), notarized by local notary public and certified by local notary public in the same State where the notary is licensed.

USACC will process the following certifications:

  1. Authentication by US Department of State in Washington, DC
  2. Stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce
  3. Legalizion by Egypt embassy or one of its consulates
Service Requested A set of C/I and C/O C/I OR C/O
Expedited service fee $150.00 $100.00
US Arab chamber of commerce fee $70.00 $35.00
Egypt Embassy fee $256.00 $128.00
Total $476.00 $263.00
Processing Time 6 business days 6 business days
Pay Attention
  • The price does not include the shipping fee. Please include a prepaid self-addressed return airway ticket in your package.
  • All documents must be original. If you have a copy, please call us first to confirm your request before you send your package. (Not all documents can be legalized as copies)
  • Billing option is available for corporations that have a current “ G-account” only.
  • Corporations can pay using money order or company check.
  • Please include your personal details such as: a daytime phone number, address and email to contact you if we encounter any problems.
  • Send your package to our Washington DC office at the following address:

    US Arab Chamber of commerce
    At: Egypt Legalization
    1330 New Hampshire Ave. B1,NW,
    Washington DC 20036