Health and Social Services

The Egyptian health care system faces multiple challenges in improving and ensuring the health and wellbeing of the Egyptian people. The system faces not only the burden of combating illnesses associated with poverty and lack of education, but it must also respond to emerging diseases and illnesses associated with modern, urban lifestyle. Emerging access to global communications and commerce is raising the expectations of the population for more and better care and for advanced healthcare technology. A high birth rate combined with a longer life expectancy is increasing the population pressure on the Egyptian health system. By the year 2020 it is estimated that the population of Egypt will have grown to about 92 million people. This chapter provides a brief overview of the health system in Egypt as it relates to health facilities and outpatient services. The chapter provides a context in which to view the findings of the Egypt Service Provision Assessment (ESPA) survey.

Information is presented with respect to:

  • General organization of the health system
  • The package of health services provided at different facility levels
  • Issues related to the health system and quality of care.