Immigration to a foreign country

Immigration is a constitutional right for all citizens.The Immigration and Egyptians care Abroad Law No. 111 of 1983 was issued and its executive regulations were issued by Ministerial Decree No. 14 of 1984. The law regulates the permanent and temporary immigration law and sets out its procedures. The law considers in its essence and philosophy that immigration is a lawful right and the performance of military service as a sacred national duty, thus achieving the benefit of citizens and the homeland alike.

Article 8 of the Immigration Act defines a migrant as “every Egyptian who has habitually made his habitual residence outside the country by acquiring the nationality of a foreign State, obtaining permanent residence permit, or having resided there for at least ten years or migration from one of the diaspora countries.

The status of the migrant is as long as it maintains the Egyptian nationality, and the status of the immigrant in the following cases:

  • If he does not travel to the immigration country within six months from the date when his immigration was authorized.
  • If he returns to his home country and stays there for more than a continuous year or for six months for those of the age of recruitment.
  • If the migrant reconsidered his migration at his own free will. Migration may be:

Internal Migration

When the citizen is resident in Egypt and requests immigration to a foreign country before traveling. In this case, the request should be submitted to the passport, immigration and nationality department in Cairo to obtain the approval of the Egyptian authorities to allow the citizen to migrate.

Migration from abroad

When the citizen is resident abroad for reasons other than immigration, such as visit, study or otherwise, and then ask to amend his status to an immigrant. In this case, he can apply through the consulate to take action to obtain the consent of the Egyptian authorities to authorize the immigration.

Required documents and procedures

  1. The Applicant should submit the completed “Immigration Request Form”.
  2. Egyptian ID card for the holder/ Egyptian birth certificate
  3. Military Status Certificate, noting that the following cases do not require submission of the Military Status Certificate:

    • If the applicant was born on 17/3/1943 and before.
    • If it is mentioned in the passport that he is “not required for recruitment” or “military service”.
    • If the applicant for immigration did not reach the mandatory age.
  4. A naturalization proof such as permanent residence permit (Green Card) or foreign passport.
  5. Four photographs of the owner.

The typical processing time is 6 Weeks. The consulate shall review the submitted documents and then send them to the Passports, Immigration and Nationality Authority in Egypt. The citizen shall follow up the consular section for updates.