Acquire Egyptian CitizenShip

The request to acquire the nationality of the Arab Republic of Egypt (Form 19C – Foreign Wife request for Egyptian Nationality) must be signed by both husband and wife and attached to the following:

Required documents to submit request for Egyptian Citizenship:

  • Egyptian Marriage Certificate:No Foreign Marriage Certificate is accepted. In case the marriage is not legally completed according to the Egyptian law, You must take this step first by ratifying the marriage certificate and then obtaining the Egyptian marriage Certificate. This can be done by Egypt embassy or consulates in the United States.
  • The Egyptian birth certificate of the husband’s father or uncle to prove that the grandfather is Egyptian.
  • The Egyptian passport for the husband.
  • The wife’s passport.
  • A written statement signed by the husband indicating his desire to acquire his Egyptian nationality, and that the marriage between them is still ongoing.
  • 4 personal photos of the wife

Submit all the previously mentioned documents along with a fee of $95 in check payable to “Embassy of Egypt”.