US Document Certification for Egypt

Egypt is NOT a member of the Hague Apostille Convention and still requires Egypt embassy legalization(Embassy Red Seal) on U.S. documents to acknowledge its validity. We can provide the following certification services for documents issued in the United States and destined for use in Egypt.

Authentication from the US Department of State

Fast authentication service from US Department of State in Washington, DC for State and Federal documents. Typical processing time is 4 business days.

Egypt Embassy Legalization - Consular Certification

Document legalization from Embassy of Egypt in Washington, DC or from one of its consulates in Houston, TX- New York, NY- Chicago, Il or Los Angeles, CA. The typical processing time for Egypt consular service varies from one consulate to another.

US Arab Chamber of Commerce Stamp

Our collaboration with the US Arab Chamber of Commerce enable us to provide our customers with the chamber stamp just within 1 business day, in charge of $35.00. All documents destined for use in Egypt should be stamped by the chamber.

Pay Attention
  • Customers can choose the full document certification service for Egypt, including US Department of State Authentication, Stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce and legalization from Egypt Embassy in Washington, DC or one of its consulates, depending on document jurisdiction. You may also request single certification such as: only the stamp, or only Egypt legalization, depending on the status of your document.
  • Prices and turnaround times vary depending on the type of document. We can categorize document that can be legalized for Egypt into 3 main categories:
    • Export Document Legalization

      Examples: Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice only.

    • Federal Document Legalization

      Examples: Certificate to Foreign Government, FBI Background Check, Certificate of Exportability, Free sale Certificate issued by FDA, Certificate of Pharmaceutical products. COPP - Foreign Manufacturer

    • Corporate Document legalization

      Examples: Power of Attorney, Affidavit, Certificate of Good Standing, Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Formation, Bank Statement, Agreement, Contract, TUV Certificate, ISO Certificate, Technical Data sheet.