Documents Certified by the Secretary of State

Common Examples

  • Power of Attorney
  • Affidavit
  • Packing list
  • Halal Certificate
  • Bill of Lading (Air, Ocean, Truck, Rail)
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Kosher Certificate
  • Dangerous Goods Certificate
  • Consular Invoice
  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Letter of Credit
  • Bank Draft
  • Export Declaration
  • Shipper Letter of Instruction
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Veterinary certificate
  • Sales certificate
  • Weight Certificate
  • Fumigation Certificate
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Certificate of existence
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Merger
  • Corporate Resolution
  • Business License
  • Assignment
  • Shareholder certificate of Interest
  • Shareholder Contribution Schedule
  • Agreement to Form a Corporation
  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Agency Agreement
  • Business Letter
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Company Bylaws
  • Letter of Resignation
  • Distributor Agreement
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Stock Certificate
  • Shareholder List
  • letter of Intent
  • Operating Agreement
  • Asset purchase Agreement
  • Bill of Sale
  • Change of Agent
  • Restated Certificate of Incorporation
  • Foreign Certificate of Registration
  • Termination of foreign Corporation
  • Statement of Dissolution
  • Amendment
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Corporate Consolidation

documents legalization

Pay Attention

  • The price does not include the shipping fee. Please include a prepaid airway ticket with your package.
  • All documents must be original. If you have a copy, please call us first to confirm your request before you send your package. (Not all documents can be legalized as copies)
  • The billing option is available for corporations that have a current “ G-account” only.
  • Corporations can pay using a money order or company check.
  • Please include your personal details such as a daytime phone number, address, and email to contact you if we encounter any problems.
  • Send your package to our Washington DC office at the following address:

    US Arab Chamber of commerce
    At Saudi Legalization
    1330 New Hampshire Ave. B1, NW,
    Washington DC 20036

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