US Arab Chamber of Commerce “USACC” serves the business community by providing certification for commercial invoices (C/I), certificates of origin (C/O) and related export documents in which they are placed to under (C/O) and (C/I), as governments and customs may require our stamp because they are exporting products to Arab countries or it is required in a letter of credit between them and their customers located in one of the Arab countries.

We got knowledge of the laws that that pertain to exporting from the US, as well as the relevant laws of other countries. There are measures that can be taken by the US Arab Chamber of commerce in the panning process to minimize the probability that they will make unnecessary errors that have grave legal consequences.

In addition to that the US Arab Chamber of Commerce™ stamp I recognized through out the Arab embassies and proper authorities; in which it enables the US Arab Chamber of Commerce™ to authenticate our customer’s export documents. The US Arab Chamber of Commerce™ has been legally cooperating with the Arab world through the Arab chamber of commerce “ACC” which is considered as potential cooperation that ensures your services quality.

Message from the President

We believe that we can create new strong bonds which are capable and efficient, these bonds must be based on potential policies that serves both the Arab world and the US world, bonds which is capable to gather both parties in one chamber that assists them to collaborate and exchange on mutual commercial interests, that would build new relations based on trust and corporation, as we are both are in need to such efficient cooperation as there is lots of things that puts us in one common place such as there are over 4 Million Americans Trace Ancestry to Arab Countries and on the other side there is vast numbers of Americans working in the Middle East and multiple fast growing American businesses such as several American oil industries and American educational institutions; All these bilateral corporations are influenced by political agreements between the Arab embassies towards the US world, which we care to ease these legal services and could cover most of the business world needs through our services.

We witnessed how effectively the US-Arab relations are capable to be strengthened, and we believe that the business based relationship will be the corner stone to build on it such sustainable relationships.

USACC Mission

The US Arab chamber of commerce mission is dedicating themselves to provide Arab businesses with superb value, high-quality, relevant advice and services that have the ability to enhance their growth and development in today’s economy. After we had worked very closely with the US Arabian Missions in the Arab World and Arab Embassies and Consulates, we had developed our ideas and still giving our best to facilitate the business communication and cooperation means.

The US Arab chamber of commerce is establishing long lasting policy and system that these bonds we are creating would be sustainable and reliable.

USACC Vision

The US Arab chamber of commerce aims to give broad services which got that capability that covers all the related business needs to the business world starting from official papers translations to commercial documents legalization with lots of variety such as supplying food exportation assistance through issuing Halal certificates; The US Arab chamber of commerce has always been and still keens to apply full services for its members and associates.

The US Arab chamber of commerce founded plans to support the US Arab communication and understanding through the annual meeting for the US Arab chamber of commerce members, these events which the US Arab chamber of commerce handles and organizes is considered as new progressive vision.